People and animals welcome

The house was built in 2008 as a double building Rothausstrasse 2a and 2b. Owners are the developer Alfred Müller AG, which leases company / commercial premises (including Clear Channel) on the first floors of the two buildings, with private owners on the ground floor with the veterinary clinic and the attic floor with its two adjoining apartments.


The red edged main entrance signals the modern appearance of the building. High rooms, a bright staircase with shiny black marble floor. Roof windows provide light.


On the lower and the ground floor you will find the premises of "Ennetseeklinik für Kleintiere", an oncology center and a reproductive clinic are housed here, too. Horses, dogs, cats and small animals are being treated in this house. Also on the ground floor is the pet store Meiko.


The basic requirement that you will need to feel comfortable in this house is tolerance with animals.