Urban buildings in a rural area

The municipality of Hünenberg is located in the heart of Switzerland, where the pre-Alps form the area and inviting lakes for swimming. At the same time, the business area Bösch / Hünenberg is perfectly connected to the main traffic routes. Zurich and Lucerne can be reached in a short time, and Ticino is also nearby. This Dream Penthouse is located in the triangle between Cham, Hünenberg village and Risch / Rotkreuz in the up-coming Zuger Lebens- und Wirtschaftsraum Ennetsee / ZUGWEST, in the attractive and tax-efficient canton of Zug. Here in Bösch, urban life and country life, peace and hectic, work and leisure merge. The narrow area Bösch is surrounded by agricultural areas. Lake and forest are within walking distance, as well as leisure activities such as golf, tennis or fitness. Various gastronomic offers and restaurants can be found in the surrounding areas. Purchases in the vicinity is also taken care of, the "traveling baker" for example, brings the necessary right in front of the house.

Dream Penthouse is perfectly accessible for private and public transport, you reach the motorway entrance Rotkreuz in two minutes. The bus stop is right outside the door. Nevertheless, the area Bösch is not plagued by through traffic. You can especially enjoy the tranquillity here in the evenings and on weekends.

Places in the area 

Center Hünenberg Dorf

Center Rotkreuz

Center Cham

Center Zug

Center Luzern

Center Zürich

Local government etc.

Railway station, shopping

Railway station, shopping

City center

City center, Culture

City center, Culture

2.4 km

3.4 km

3 km

8 km          ÖV 9 Minuten

17 km        ÖV 34 Minuten

36 km        ÖV 51 Min

            (ÖV=Public transport)


Highway entrance Rotkreuz

Bus stop Seeblick

Nearest train station

Direction Zürich, Chur, Luzern, Gotthard

In front of the house

Station Chämmleten

1.5 km

50 meter

1.4 km

Purchase / mail / bank

Spar Hünenberg Zythus

Tankstellenshop Rotkreuz

Zentrum Neudorf, Cham



Good basic offer 


Major distributors, clothes, shoes, optics, mail / bank

On working mornings in front of the house / Spar

1.9 km

2 km

7 km

0 m, 1.9 km



Golf course entrance


Swimming pool Hünenberg



Schoolhouse public schools

International School of Zug and Luzern

several Restaurants und Take-aways

6/9/18 Loch-Anlage

Hall and squares; Bösch/Holzhäusern/Cham

Swimming pool and watering place

All-day care comprehensive

Primary and advanced level

Advanced level

200 m

2.3 km

200 m

1.7 km

550 m

1.4 km

2 km

20 m