Terrace and winter garden

The huge terrace, which covers whole of west side roof area, makes this Dream Penthouse unique. It consists of concrete slabs provided with 320 m2 of usable space and the 250 m2 of extensive greenery which is not intended to enter and is owned by the community of owners, but can not be accessed by them. Here it's not fenced as it usually would be.


With plant islands, privacy screens and other design elements, this open space can be transformed into a festival site or a green oasis according to your own ideas and wishes. There are certain usage requirements for static reasons to take into consideration. They prohibit, for example, a Jacuzzi and slightly limit the roof load per square meter.


The 35 m2 winter garden, planned as a covered terrace, supplemented with sliding glass elements and bright ceramic tile flooring, contributes a lot to the high quality of living. Even with only a few rays of sun, it serves as a transitional location. Thanks to the awnings here it is pleasantly cool even on the hottest summer day  .